ATM Training - (NDC+ and DB912)

  • Definition, Features, Functions, Network Environments, Software Components and Modes of Operation
  • Screens: User defined, graphics and logos, screen control characters and screen download messages
  • States: definition, description, use, creation, transaction flow
  • Printing: devices, control characters, simulated pre-print, security trace and fixed device status messages
  • Communications: format, terminal to host, host to terminal, data command and terminal command messages, status and power up messages
  • Security: encryption, financial institution tables, pin verification and message authentication
  • Supervisor: select, replenish, configure and access functions, supervisor transactions

Solutions Development

Based on ATM products, we can customize all our AMS Opera suite to fit your speciallized transactional needs.

Development languages:

  • Microsoft .NET (C#, Visual Basic, Java, COBOL)
  • ILE RPG - AS400
  • Mobile applications: Android, iOS